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Value Added Services

Helix System brings value, not just through the delivery of products and solutions, but also through the provision of additional services that boost customer retention and development for our Business Partners.

We are always working to meet your changing business needs by supporting you in a wide range of areas. Our value-added services can save you both time and money.

Sales and Business DevelopmentTop

Helix System has one of the largest and most focused value-add sales teams of any distributor in the industry. Think of our sales team as an extension of your own, concentrating on driving extra sales for you.

To achieve this, our sales team is structured to help you get maximum value from your day-to-day sales activity and to guarantee easy access to all the value-added resources you need.


With demand creation as its primary objective, our marketing team has the skills, know-how and relationships with external marketing specialists, to help generate more opportunities for your business.

Each marketing service is tailored to the Business Partners' unique product offering and addresses their target areas only. Our marketing materials and sales tools include turnkey lead-generation services.

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Trade Show Support
  • Co-operative Support
  • Advertising/Publicity
  • Relations Support
  • Business Management Consulting

With Helix System's marketing programmes, Business Partners have their own 'consultant', backed by a full-service, professional marketing organisation. These marketing activities provide the quantity and quality of leads that Business Partners need today.

Integration ServicesTop

We aim to exceed customer expectations by helping our Business Partners shorten cycle times and reduce costs. We offer configuration and integration capabilities. With our certified engineers, we can help you deliver completely engineered and customised solutions in a timely and cost-effective way.

Our Integration Centre gives you the services you need to pursue new markets or product lines.

  • Pre-sales support and validation of configuration
  • Production, testing of designs and assembly of systems
  • Integration to customer specifications
  • Software loading and bundled applications
  • Custom technical documentation
  • Reseller training and support.

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